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Canderel tastes just like sugar but without the redundant calories! It is now available with a NEW COMPOSITION which it makes it suitable for cooking and baking.

Canderel is the ideal sweetener for those wishing to reduce their sugar intake without depriving themselves of sweet delights. It is also suitable for diabetics.

1 Canderel tablet, has 0,3 calories.
1 spoon of Canderel, has 2 calories whereas 1 spoon of sugar has 20 calories.

When it comes to recipes you should be in mind that 1 cup of Canderel is just as sweet as one cup of sugar.

10 grams of Canderel are just as sweet as 100 grams of sugar.

Use Canderel in confectionery.


Canderel Tablets


Canderel 100 tablets. The ideal size for your purse.

Canderel 300 tablets. Same shape but bigger.


Canderel spoon for spoon


Canderel 40 gr. Something no Kitchen cupboard should be without.

Canderel 90 gr. An economical size.

Canderel Sticks

Canderel 100 Sticks. Enjoy Canderel by using these stylish sticks!

Canderel 100 Sticks. Cafeterias can now use this catering pack and allow their customers to enjoy the Canderel taste!