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About Vian S.A.

VIAN S.A. was founded in 1995 (by the group VIANEX S.A.) for the distribution of well known prescription and over-the-counter (O.T.C) pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical products. VIAN S.A. provides distribution services to the pharmacy itself as well as to the general market. This is a strategic enterprising step, given that the O.T.C sector is rapidly developing in Greece.

The creation, recruitment and infrastructure of VIAN, called for significant investments to be made, which have now generated results. Our company has developed a noteworthy Pan Hellenic network and supplies, by direct sales, over 4.200 pharmacies, as well as all stores and pharmacists' collaborations. The company co-operates with almost all supermarket chains, as well as with an organised network of specific associates throughout Greece.

The company handles the orders and distribution, and is able to concurrently support the products it circulates with exhaustive measures of projection and promotion, while also undertaking medical updates.


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