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N o v a l a c : the story
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Once upon a time there was a company of Pediatricians, Pharmacists and Researchers, who loved their children very much and wanted to take care of their proper nutrition.

But what does proper infant nutrition mean? In order to answer this question, they observed many different families with little children. What they discovered is that most infant formulas, while they provided the infants with the nutrition and vitamins they needed, they couldn’t help at all with problems like diarrhea, constipation, colics and flatus. Quite the contrary, sometimes the use of formula even exacerbated the problem.

 Thanks to this group of Researchers, Pediatricians and Pharmacists, new types of milk were developed. Types that could provide to the infant all the necessary nutrients for its development, but also could take care of all the little “disturbances” of the infant.

And at this point, the first Novalac products were created N o v a l a c .

 N o v a l a c milk was not just another infant formula. It was milk that was created to adapt to each infant. N o v a l a c milk has a special formulation, which can resolve these recurring infantile issues, and provide to the infant a healthy and proper nutrition.

Today, the N o v a l a cbrand can be found worldwide and it has helped millions of infants from many different social backgrounds for over 20 years.

You can find the N o v a l a c milk exclusively in all the good Pharmacies.


Breast milk is the appropriate food for infants. The proper diet of the mother is important to breastfeeding. If breastfeeding is not applicable, other milk should be used according to the doctor’s advice. Non appropriate preparation of the milk might endanger the infant’s health.